Sunday, August 15, 2010

Downtown Littleton Operation

After finding out that both of the yarnbombs from our last operation had been removed, my sister (Knit Boss) and myself (Knovice) were feeling a bit discouraged today. We had planned to do an operation, but I had foolishly removed a creation I made at the Stich-n-Pitch for the Rockies game. Instead, we decided to scout the Downtown Littleton Light Rail statin. We found these two pay phones (who still has pay phones on the premises?) and thought they needed cozies. I goofed when I had to pull it over the ear piece, so mine became a bonnet instead, but a woman who got off the Light Rail walked by and told Knit Boss and I that they were cute.
We also did a little extra beautification with our spare yarn bits.




MGMT- Time to Pretend

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